About Us

The #Griffins

Established 2018


in 2018 we were established as a Futsal Club. The primary reason for the formation of this club was to allow students who’d graduated from the University of Bedfordshire the opportunity to continue playing Futsal competitively.

Since then we’ve formed a ladies senior side and both teams compete in the National Futsal Series – with our ladies having featured twice on BT Sport.

Covid has been a huge part of our life as a Futsal club and has hindered our plans and ambitions – the aim for 2022 is to expand our youth provision and allow more opportunities for people to play Futsal across Bedfordshire.

We also have partnerships with the University of Bedfordshire and with The Chalk Hills Academy to support our senior and youth programmes respectively.

Season History

National Futsal League 2018/2019
1st place in Division 2 Midlands

National Futsal Series 19/20 and 20/21

Season curtailed due to covid (ladies and mens)

National Futsal Series 21/22

Womens Tier 2 South Champions 2021/2022

Mens Tier 2 South mid-table finish


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