The Mens Team

Our Mens team is now in its third full season since its formation in 2018. Since the beginning we are delighted to have retained Jack Stammers, James Grant, Carl Tappin, Aaron Shepherd-Itai, Lou Barry and head coach Malcolm Lay.

We have registered and used 58 different players in the time we’ve been a club and have used players with zero futsal experience, to more recently signing and utilising an ex-international captain in Sion Kitson. We want to do as well as we can in the National Futsal Series whilst ensuring the game is accessible to all – even those who’ve never played it.

Our captain for 2022/2023 iwas James Grant who said this about playing for Bedford Futsal “It’s a club I love playing for and who try to do the best considering how difficult it is to run and sustain a Futsal Club. They’re always looking to improve on and off the court”.

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